The most common Sports Injuries are ‘strains and sprains’. ‘Sprains’ are injuries to the ligaments, the tissues that connect bones and joints. Sudden stretching as well as exceeding the limits of the ligaments will cause the ligaments to potentially tear. ‘Strain’ is an injury to muscle tissue or tendons, which connect muscle to bone.

  • Do you experience Knee pain after exercising ?
  • Often associated with ACL, PCL, MCL & LCL injuries ?
  • Shoulder dislocation due to injury while playing sports ?
  • The “pop” sounds or "explodes" when dribbling the ball ?
  • Are these injuries limiting your performance ?

We at Physiomobile offer Sport Injury Rehabilitation treatments that are proven to have a positive effect on you. Many athletes have sought treatment from us and are now back in action. The one who used to limp, now runs like Usain Bolt. The former whose knees ached, now dribbling more brilliantly. If in the past his shoulders were often "pulled out", now he no longer has to worry about swinging his arms. If in the past his buccal joints were often sprained, now he is fast spinning the ball

Flow of Treatment in Physiomobile


1) Assessment

First of all, Physiotherapist will ask some relevant questions and record all of your health history and how the injuries you suffered may have occurred. Next, the therapist will examine you objectively through observations and physical tests based on a specific ‘outcome measure’.

2) Treatment

Treatment for Sport Injuries will focus on restoring patients to their most optimal physical level using ‘Manual Physiotherapy Technique” treatment methods and a structured and focused exercise program. In addition, treatment sessions will also focus on ensuring that patients can return to independent living based on the targets or goals of a patient (for example can return to work/ ‘return to work’ or can walk alone). Treatment sessions will also focus on teaching patients to modify lifestyle to suit the patient’s condition.

3) Consultation

In the consultation session, Physiotherapist will explain to the patient and caregiver about the patient's condition, including the cause of the problem experienced by the patient based on anatomy and physiology, how to prevent the problem from recurring and the prescription of exercise at home.


Why You Should Get Physiomobile Services ?


Flexible treatment hours- 9 a.m. to 10 p.m  


Treatment moves to your home or to our clinic


Effective treatment using manual physiotherapy technique


Well trained physiotherapist & have a Bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy


Female patients are only treated by female therapists & vice versa.


Strategic location and easy to find